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School Nursing

Fargo Cass Public Health provides school nursing services to the Fargo, Central Cass, Kindred, Mapleton and Northern Cass public school districts. School nursing services are funded through local school districts, and city and county government funds. 

School nurse services provided by a registered nurse include:

  • health screenings for vision, with referral and followup as needed.
  • health assessment for illness, accidents, injuries or contagious disease.
  • assessment for health impairments that affect student attendance, performance and participation.
  • health education and promotion to students and staff.
  • administrative consultation and policy development.
  • medication administration.

Services provided by licensed practical nurses and trained medication aides include dispensing of routine prescribed medications, first aid, and scheduled medical proceedures.  

How do I access this service?
To find out more about school nursing, call Nancy at 241-1372 or contact the school that your child attends.