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Tobacco Resource Lending Library

Tobacco Education & Prevention Supplies

Below are items available to borrow through Fargo Cass Public Health. These items may be reserved by completing the request form.

Smokeless/Chewing Tobacco:

•      Teeth in Tobacco Juice— demonstrates effects on teeth.
•      Mr. Gross Mouth—demonstrates effects on large mouth model.
•      Mr. Dip Lip—demonstrates effects specifically on lips and gums.
•      Giant Snuff Can—large mock chewing tobacco tin with facts inside, graphic photos.
•      Smokeless Tobacco Display Board—four-sided folding display board, graphic photos.
      *There are adult and youth versions of this, please specify your choice.
•      Effects and Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco Display Board-graphic images provide evidence of diseases caused by smokeless tobacco
•      Consequences of Smokeless Use-graphically demonstrates that smokeless tobacco is harmful and deadly.
•      FACT SHEETS: 
           Dissolvable Tobacco(pdf)
           Smokeless Tobacco & Kids(pdf).
•      DVD:  ‘Smokeless Tobacco: A Wad of Trouble’, 24 minutes  

Cigarette Ingredients:

•      Large Cigarette Ingredient Model--displays harmful substances in cigarettes.
•      Cigarette Ingredient Kits—contain household containers with ingredients that are in tobacco products (furniture polish, batteries, Windex, etc).
•     Tar Jar—demonstrates amount of tar deposited in lungs from smoking one pack a day for one year.
•      Small Tarlboro Mock Cigarette Pack—demonstrates amount of tar deposited in lungs from smoking one pack.
•     A Closer Look at Tobacco-provides examples of types of tobacco products in plexiglass case.
•     Tube of Toxins- the harm caused by the poisons in cigarette smoke is made very clear by this fun display.
•    What’s Your Poison? -Display Board-shows giant cigarette with descriptions of 15 toxic chemicals.
•     FACT SHEETS: Ingredients.

Health Effects of Smoking:

•      Smoked Lung Model—demonstrates lung cancer, emphysema.
•      Giant Harry’s Scary Tongue—illustrates Hairy Tongue on large tongue model.
•      Lou Wheeze— inflatable mock lungs illustrate damage from smoking.
•      Effects and Hazards of Secondhand Smoke 4-Fold Display—demonstrates effects of exposure to SHS, ideal for tabletop display.
•      Smoker’s Roulette-spin the wheel-type game with different diseases highlighted/described.
•      Smokey Eyes-simulates vision problems caused by macular degeneration.
•      3D Display: ‘Big Trouble In A Smoker’s Lung’
•      Lung Pathologies Model
•      Tobacco Institute Hall of Shame Display Board
•      Hourglass Cigarettes
•      FACT SHEETS: Health Effects; Health Harms (pdf).
Tobacco Cessation:

•      Large Stop-Smoking Cigarette—shows how body repairs itself after a person stops using tobacco.